Open-Zwave-Controller Code available through svn

Finally got some time to put the code on google code which can be found below.  This is not fully ready and needs more work, especially the scheduler.  More updates will follow soon hopefully.

Basically, first start by compiling the server.  Get the open-zwave code and compile my server code from the cpp/examples folder.  Run the server.

Next, import the mysql database into your mysql server.  Manually enter the admin username and password inside the admin table.

Next, host the control panel and web client php files on the same pc running the socket server.

These are some very crude setup steps. Should you need any more detail, let me know.

14 thoughts on “Open-Zwave-Controller Code available through svn”

  1. Checked out the code, it looks like there might be some folders missing, i got the following folders
    – controlpanel
    – server
    – webclient

    There is no cpp/examples folder at the parent, of in any of the other folders.


  2. It also looks like some of the dependencies are missing. I tried to compile the Main.cpp, and it puked on the first dependency, i assume these dependencies are part of the open ZWave project and i would get them there?

  3. Update: i got most of this figured out, i am able to build the open-zwave files and i was able to get the php side all running, however when i swap in your Main.cpp and run the make, i get a dependency error on ServerSocket.h and i am guessing i would also throw an exception on SocketException.h can you add these two files to the svn repo please.


  4. I have been working on a similar system for a while using the TrickleStar 300ZW-US-W Z-Wave USB Stick. My big hang up is that I found a python script that does everything I need for this controller I have gone ahead and made simple bash scripts pointing to each of my lighting controllers. My issues been tying the controls into PHP scripts I can execute on my webserver. This is going to help a lot thanks, also I am like still 6 weeks out from getting my RPi cant wait hopefully i can tie it all together, Zoneminder, this and a simple landing page for total control.

    1. If your using Python have you considered using Mosquitto as your transport layer. Mosquitto is a push notification system, so it can be embedded into Android, PHP, python etc. All you really need to do is make up some form of logical interpreter protocol and you should away. This is how I think I’m going to approach it when my Zwave gear finally arrives.

      1. No Python at the moment. Just PHP and C. However, it would be nice to have push notifications. Will think about it for future release.

  5. Have you thought of providing a complete sd-image for this to use with raspberry pi? That would be really awsome! (All you work so far is great as well, makes me really want to dig in to the z-wave and home automation world!)

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Yes sure that’s the plan. However I need time cause I’m a bit busy at the moment. I have a running image but not completely ready for release.



  6. i’m trying to get this working on my mac, using an aeon usb S2 controller. i’ve figured out how to get it recognized, and can see interaction with the open-zwave test module. however, after following the instructions for the controller above (copying the *Socket* files into ../cpp/src, the Main.cpp, changing the location of my device to cu.SLAB_USBtoUART, etc), i get errors when running make the mac example… there is some constant MSG_NOSIGNAL that is referenced which isn’t present in any of the files that i can find with grep.
    here’s what it throws:
    ../../src/Socket.cpp: In member function ‘bool Socket::send(std::string) const’:
    ../../src/Socket.cpp:111: error: ‘MSG_NOSIGNAL’ was not declared in this scope
    make[1]: *** [Socket.o] Error 1
    make: *** [lib] Error 2

    any ideas? i’m running svn revision r532.

  7. How do I send commands into the Z-Wave network, from PHP, using the open-zwave and the usb stick controller? I saw a code sample here but it calls a method “ZwaveServer(ZWAVE_HOST, ZWAVE_PORT)” that is not included with “require_once()” so I’m a bit confused. To my understanding so far, I need to get the USB stick, compile and run the open-zwave (server?) and then what is the next step to access it’s functionality from PHP?

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